Buy the dip


A Simple Strategy Executed Relentlessly

In theory, Buy the Dip (BTD) makes sense: Purchase an asset when its price drops, then sell when its value bounces back — with the goal of netting a quick profit in the process. But in practice, BTD is tricky. It requires massive amounts of research, patience, and risk tolerance.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

By harnessing the power of data, we’ve sought to crack the code on BTD — and believe we’ve eliminated the guesswork in finding and timing dips.

Our proprietary algorithm is the basis for an AI that can identify authentic dips — in nanoseconds.

BTD Capital Fund (ticker: DIP) is a venture into a simple strategy applied proficiently and efficiently. It’s machine learning-based technology powering an actively managed ETF.

And you’re invited.


AI Informed by Expertise

AI requires initial instruction — the kernel of intelligence imbued by its makers.

DIP’s AI was developed in-house at Kaiju ETF Advisors, a diverse group of physicists, mathematicians, financial behaviorists, data scientists and analysts, cryptographers, and computer programmers. We conceived DIP to merge our knowledge of the markets with the power of AI — and to make it available to everyone.

We think you will agree, dip is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Buy Low. 
Sell High. 

While most ETFs track indexes or sectors, DIP seeks to capitalize on quick-return opportunities in the market — no matter where they are. We believe DIP is among the most dynamic investments out there: our AI identifies dips, initiates buys, and then instructs when to sell rebounded shares in short order — replacing a significant portion of the ETF’s holdings every day. Regardless of market conditions, dips happen. And DIP’s AI will find them.