Nov 17, 2023

The Present Realities Of AI In Investment Management

The clear value proposition of any novel technology can be elusive at the beginning; the shock to an established system of a completely new way of doing something creates a mix of excitement and confusion that can be difficult to quantify. On one hand, there’s the inevitable astonishment at the sheer magnitude of new possibilities the emerging technology represents, but that is often followed by an inability to articulate in the end, what value those new possibilities actually might have.


Oct 31, 2023

Machine Learning In AI Delivers Previously Unattainable Benefits, With Kaiju’s Nicholas Subryan

Nicholas Subryan, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Kaiju, discusses the history of AI and machine learning. Nicholas examines the technological phases and applications of artificial intelligence over time. Explaining the power of modern machine learning today, he emphasizes the value of data crunching capability and pattern recognition, which are the basis for how Kaiju has built out its autonomous trading systems.


Oct 20, 2023

AI's Impact On Investing: Kaiju, The DIP ETF, And The Next Big Disruption With CEO Ryan Pannell

Kaiju Global Chair and CEO Ryan Pannell talks to Benzinga’s Jordan Robertson about Kaiju’s history using AI, the DIP ETF, and where AI is going in investment management - as well as where the next big technology disruption might occur.


Oct 12, 2023

21 AI Terms Every Investor Needs To Know

Investors have already been using artificial intelligence for decades and, as the technology becomes more powerful, it will play an increasingly more active role in investment management. However, the terms used to describe AI are not always clear.


Sep 5, 2023

AI In Investing

Powerful computer software that mimics aspects of human intelligence will transform investing.

For decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has excelled at complex mathematical tasks and strategic reasoning. In fact, early versions programmed to play Chess and Go became so good at the games that they were almost unbeatable, while later versions became unassailable. Today, AI’s capabilities have grown well beyond strategic games thanks to more powerful machine learning technology—and those new capabilities are about to transform the world of investing.