This ETF Is a Strange AI 'Beast' That You May Want on Your Side

Like virtually all strategies, Kaiju's goal is to acquire securities it thinks are mispriced and hold them until those processes have appreciated to expected levels. Yes, Kaiju looks to buy low and sell high.

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Is Buy The Dip Dead? Yes, Says Analyst, But Don't Tell This New ETF

Every market offers opportunity. For many investors, 2022’s bear market offered the chance to buy securities at a low cost with the hope of making extra profits once the market recovers. This strategy, often referred to as “buying the dip,” was the main engine behind many of the years’ stock rallies.


New 'Buy the Dip' ETF uses AI tech to target oversold stocks

A new exchange traded fund launched by Kaiju ETF Advisors seeks to leverage AI technology to automatically identify oversold stocks and take advantage of predicted rebounds.

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AI-Driven DIP ETF Seeks to Reinvent Active Management

Newcomer Kaiju ETF Advisors launched an artificial-intelligence-driven exchange-traded fund Tuesday that offers a technical approach to the “buy the dip” trading strategy.

New ETF Looks for Specific Needles in Haystack of Needles

Buy low, sell high. Every advisor wants to follow this rule but doing so consistently is hard. A new ETF that launched today seeks to make it easier to use artificial intelligence (AI).

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