3 Stocks To Buy From The ‘Buy The Dip’ ETF

The ETF was launched in December 2022 by Kaiju ETF Advisors, a collection of brilliant people working on building a better mousetrap.

Actively managed, it invests in stocks from the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 and oversold United States large-cap stocks. I won’t get into the more than 25 factors in the ETF’s algorithm. However, if you’re into AI, I recommend you check out DIP.

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AI May Boost Productivity, But Investing Still Needs Human Guardrails

The first presentation of artificial intelligence is often cited as a computer program called Logic Theorist. Allen Newell, Cliff Shaw, and Herbert Simon developed Logic Theorist at the RAND Corp. in the 1950s to mimic the problem-solving skills of a human, cementing the idea that eventually computers would be able to compete with, if not outpace human understanding.


What Will It Take For Investors To Trust A.I. Portfolio Managers?

Kaiju Worldwide is focused on using A.I. and machine learning innovation for optimizing financial decision-making. It's the parent company of Kaiju Professional Services and Kaiju ETF Advisors. Ryan Pannell discusses Kaiju Worldwide and the future of A.I. in financial decision-making, highlighting BTD Capital ETF (DIP). He talks about what it will take for investors to trust A.I. portfolio managers, discusses potential drawbacks to A.I. themed funds and the power of A.I. as an investment tool. For DIP's current NAV/Market Price, click here.


Kaiju CEO To Speak At Future Proof On The Responsible Use Of AI In Investing

Kaiju CEO Ryan Pannell has been tapped to speak at this year’s Future Proof, a four-day conference bringing together wealth management executives, financial advisors, asset managers, fintechs and other professionals to discuss the latest breakthroughs and growth drivers moving the industry forward.


We Asked ChatGPT For Stock Picks — Here's What It Said

Several ETFs already unabashedly use AI to pick the stocks they hold. And many of them are having a good year — handily beating the S&P 500.

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