Kaiju CEO To Speak At Future Proof On The Responsible Use Of AI In Investing

Kaiju CEO Ryan Pannell has been tapped to speak at this year’s Future Proof, a four-day conference bringing together wealth management executives, financial advisors, asset managers, fintechs and other professionals to discuss the latest breakthroughs and growth drivers moving the industry forward.


We Asked ChatGPT For Stock Picks — Here's What It Said

Several ETFs already unabashedly use AI to pick the stocks they hold. And many of them are having a good year — handily beating the S&P 500.

Investor's Business Daily Fund Summary

Morning Exchange

As AI bots take on more tasks from writing headlines to profiles on dating sites, more funds look to leverage machine learning tools to get an edge over their competition.

Here Are The Winning Stocks AI Machines Are Buying

ETFs that use humans and market indexes such as the S&P 500 to pick stocks are having a rough year. Will machines do any better?

Investor's Business Daily

Benzinga Stock Market Movers

Watch our CEO, Ryan Pannell, and Benzinga's Money Mitch discuss DIP - our new AI-driven actively managed ETF that seeks to use big data and AI to eliminated the guesswork in finding dips.

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