Jun 22, 2023

Kaiju ETF Advisors’ DIP ETF Powered By AI Can Complement Your Broad Equity Market Holdings

Stephanie Stanton from ETFGuide speaks with Ryan Pannell CEO from Kaiju ETF Advisors about their actively managed ETF, ticker: DIP. Ryan discusses how DIP uses AI to make endpoint investment decisions for the fund, identifying artificially oversold stocks that the AI believes will mean revert to the upside in the very near term.


Jun 14, 2023

The Market’s First AI-Managed ETF Lets An Algorithm Inform Its Trading Decisions — And It’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds

Investors have seen a few AI-guided exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pop up amid the recent wave of AI hype. These funds use AI and machine learning to select stocks, but the actual trading is still left to humans. But now, at a time when fears of letting AI take over are high, Kaiju ETF Advisors made the bold decision to build the first actively managed ETF that’s fully managed by AI. It picks the stocks and it makes the trading decisions. Here’s how the specific AI works and why it’s potentially among the most efficient use cases for the emerging tech investors have heard so far.


Jun 14, 2023

Kaiju ETF Advisors Democratizing Access to AI Investment Technology with Actively Managed ETF

The Exchange Recap: Ryan Pannell, CEO of Kaiju ETF Advisors, speaks with Douglas Yones from the NYSE about bringing AI-based trading strategies to the public in a newly launched actively-managed ETF, Ticker: DIP. Ryan explains why AI is making headlines in investment management news and why DIP can be an effective investment solution for client portfolios.


May 17, 2023

Webinar Recap: Data, AI, and Finance

As technology continues to play a major role in shaping the financial sector, it is perhaps more important than ever for investors and financial advisors to stay up to date on the latest trends and advancements. That’s why, Kaiju ETF Advisors (the folks behind the DIP ETF) and VettaFi collaborated on a webinar, "Data, AI, and Finance: How Your Portfolio Can Incorporate Innovative Technology." It’s a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their investment strategies and take advantage of the latest technologies in finance.


Mar 27, 2023

VIDEO: BTD Capital Fund's DIP - A Breakthrough in AI-Driven Trading

In this short video, our CEO Ryan Pannell describes how DIP uses artificial intelligence in an effort to find and buy the dips in large-cap U.S. stocks.

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