Sep 5, 2023

AI In Investing

Powerful computer software that mimics aspects of human intelligence will transform investing.

For decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has excelled at complex mathematical tasks and strategic reasoning. In fact, early versions programmed to play Chess and Go became so good at the games that they were almost unbeatable, while later versions became unassailable. Today, AI’s capabilities have grown well beyond strategic games thanks to more powerful machine learning technology—and those new capabilities are about to transform the world of investing.


Aug 28, 2023

The First AI-Directed ETF Is Up Over 6% Year-to-Date — Proving Machines Can Make Great Fund Managers?

BTD Capital Fund (NYSE: DIP) has shot up over the last two months, pushing its year-to-date gross performance to 6.07% as of this writing. The AI-powered ETF from Kaiju is the first to use AI not just to pick stocks but to actually direct trading decisions and this recent almost uninterrupted rally that began at the end of May demonstrates the potential of what properly curated and directed AI can do for investors.


Jul 20, 2023

Kaiju ETF Advisors Discusses Its Early Days In Use Of AI And Machine Learning

Benzinga speaks with Kaiju ETF Advisors' CEO, Ryan Pannell, to discuss his firm's history in the usage of AI, where AI is most impactful in data analytics and how 2023 has been validating for the firm and its newly launched ETF as the investing community embraces the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Jul 5, 2023

The CEO Of Kaiju ETF Advisors, The Firm Behind The AI-Managed DIP ETF, Talks Ethics, Misconceptions, And Possibilities Of AI With Benzinga

Benzinga’s Aaron Bry sat down with the CEO of Kaiju ETF Advisors, Ryan Pannell, to talk about the ethics and misconceptions around AI and the future of rules-based investing for retail investors. Kaiju ETF Advisors’ inaugural Buy the Dip ETF (NYSE: DIP) is an AI-managed fund trained to identify and act on short-term dips in individual stocks to generate returns.

The team behind the innovative ETF has been working with AI for years and working in quantitative trading even longer. “We shifted from quantitative trading into AI early on,” Pannell told Bry, adding that they moved to the space at a time when others in the industry doubted the technology’s potential. “It’s the topic du jour today, but you go back to 2018 and it was like we were practicing the dark arts.”

Seeing the technology get more attention and gradually broader adoption, especially in the investment space, has been exciting for the Kaiju team. “2023 has been validating for us,” Pannell added.


Jun 23, 2023

Investors Can Now Let AI Buy The Dip For Them Thanks To A New AI-Powered ETF

BTD Capital Fund (NYSE: DIP), the actively managed ETF, is powered by an AI that’s been trained to apply the classic “buy the dip” strategy to manage the fund’s portfolio. While other AI-driven ETFs have also deployed emerging tech in stock selection, DIP is the first fund on the market to use AI for both picking the stocks and directing the trades.