Mar 27, 2023 VIDEO: BTD Capital Fund's DIP - A Breakthrough in AI-Driven Trading

By Kaiju ETF Advisors


In this short video, our CEO Ryan Pannell describes how DIP uses artificial intelligence in an effort to find and buy the dips in large-cap U.S. stocks.

With DIP, anyone with a brokerage account can take advantage of this innovative ETF that uses technology that has traditionally been available only to high net worth and institutional investors via hedge funds. The AI behind DIP uses billions of market data points, which are analyzed for artificially oversold conditions.

To be clear, DIP is not based on timing the market. Instead, the DIP AI looks for specific stocks with prices that are temporarily depressed and should rebound based on certain conditions.

The AI's ability to parse data at a rate that may surpass human ability and its potential to learn and improve over time makes DIP a potential game-changer. Watch the video and find us on NYSE under the ticker symbol DIP.