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DIP Does More than Index — Much More


Give your clients access to a dynamically managed fund powered by cutting edge AI technology - BTD Capital Fund.


An Evolutionary Leap Forward in ETF Management

You — and your clients — can do better than indexing. And while some actively managed ETFs present opportunity, their exposures can be as risky as any hedge fund.

But BTD Capital Fund (ticker: DIP) is active ETF management optimized by machine learning. As one of the leading scientific active managers in the industry, we are poised to do better than passive and actively managed ETFs.


The Time Is Always Right for DIP

While market timing presents challenges for traditional index-based ETFs, DIP’s investment strategy was designed to operate efficiently in all market conditions. Our technology identifies individual stocks with clear patterns that predict short-term bounces — and then attempts to capitalize.

And this happens in a matter of days — thousands of times over — as we continually reinvest available cash.

With dip, now is always the best time to invest.

AI is growing — as an industry and as a technology. We built DIP with the goal of providing an ETF that is cutting-edge in terms of sophistication and technology.